General information

TILA is the reservation system for Aalto University Student Union's (AYY) facilities rented on a one-time basis. Through TILA, the student union members and associations can rent facilities for their use.

Third parties can also reserve facilities by making reservations through AYY's Service Point.

Booking calendar

You can open the booking calendar by selecting from the top menu either facility groups or a single facility.

By default, the booking calendar shows a two-week period, starting from the current date. You can browse dates in two-week periods through next/previous links or by specifying the time period during which you wish to see reservations.

The calendar shows a real-time booking situation. Private persons' initials are visible in their reservations and the abbreviations of associations are visible in their reservations. In addition, background colour shows if the reservation is confirmed or unconfirmed. Detailed colour codes are visible on the bottom of the page. In addition, logged in users get separate information on their own reservations and the reservations of user groups that they represent.

Logging in

You can log in to TILA through Aalto University's single sign on system.

You can log in through the link on the right side of the top menu bar. By clicking the link, the user is forwarded to Aalto University's site to enter a username. In addition, users are automatically forwarded to the log in site, on which they are trying to do something that requires a login, such as the booking of facilities.

Personal information

After login, you can configure and view your own information in Personal information section on the top right menu. When you log in for the first time, e-mail address and telephone number are searched from Aalto University's log in system, but you can also change them. Contact information is also visible to AYY's staff in charge of facility reservations and contact information may be used for unclear bookings or reminders.

In addition, in Personal information section, you can see your upcoming reservations and user groups, which you have the right to represent.


The system can send e-mail notifications on reservations made by the user or user group and any changes to information.

By default, a reminder message is sent to the user on the upcoming reservation, approximately three weeks before the reservation. In this way, the user is able to cancel the reservation without any costs. In addition, a notice concerning a change of e-mail address is sent to the user.

In Notifications section in My Account, you can administer sent notifications. The user may also choose to receive notifications about making, confirming or deleting reservations. User groups may also receive notifications about sending representation invitations, as well as adding or removing representatives.


You can also view your own reservations by selecting My Account after log in from the top right menu.

Making of reservations

After log in, you can make reservations through TILA by clicking the desired date and facility in the booking calendar. This will open a booking window, where you can determine the following information.

To whom the facility is reserved
If you have the right to represent groups (see below), you can choose to reserve the facility for yourself or the group that you represent.
Reservations can be given a name, which is visible in your own reservations, such as the event name. The name does not appear publicly on the calendar.
You can write more specific comments, which are visible when viewing the booking information. Comments do not appear publicly on the calendar.
Start and end dates
When making bookings for multiple days, the end date must be given. In addition, in some facilities reservations are made on an hourly basis, when you need to add the desired hours.
Recurrent reservations
You can choose to book a facility on a weekly or bi-weekly basis when you must also provide the end date. After creating recurrent reservations, they are processed as single reservations, however, in such a way that booking information also includes other reservations of the reservation group with multiple bookings.
Accept rental conditions
The person who reserves a facility must approve the user regulations
for rental facilities and sanctions for violating these regulations.

Cancelling of reservations

Reservations can be cancelled through TILA two weeks prior to the reserved date. After this, the reservation must be cancelled directly through AYY's Service Point and the reservation is subject to partial or total rent.

Through TILA, you can cancel a reservation by opening the reservation information through Own Account menu and choosing Cancel Reservation option.

Groups and associations

In addition to students, associations and other groups within AYY may reserve facilities. Groups do not receive own usernames for the system, but students and others who have Aalto username may represent groups to which they have been given the representation right.

Group representation

You can make a reservation for a group that you represent in the same way as you make a reservation for yourself, only entering the group in question as the reserver of the facility. In this case, the reservation is made under the group's name, but the name of the person who makes the reservation is also entered in the reservation.

A person who represents the group may administer group information on the top right menu, in Group Administration section.

A group must always determine an e-mail address and telephone number in the system, which AYY staff may contact if necessary.

Administration of representatives

A person representing the group can also administer other representatives.

In Invitations section, you can send an invitation link via e-mail, through which each person logged in to the system may add themselves the right to represent the group. In this section, valid invitations are listed and they can also be removed.

Representatives section lists the persons who have the right to represent the group. In the section, the representation right may also be removed. Please note that you can also remove your own representation right from the group. If the group does not have any representatives, AYY's service point may provide the right to the official representative of the group. In case of associations, the invitation may be delivered to the address provided by the association in AYY's association notification.

Advance reservation events

Advance reservation events are held twice a year, where user groups have the opportunity to make advance reservations.

AYY's internal groups get to make the first reservations for a new period. After this, special status associations clarify their overlapping reservations before other associations begin to make reservations.

During advance reservations, it is possible to make several overlapping reservations for the same facility. In the advance reservation event, overlapping reservations are clarified and organised in such a way that all reservations can be confirmed.